In Soho!, you are the editor of a literary magazine chasing after writers with big egos who would rather sit in a pub than give you their pieces in time for publication.

The game is a map of Soho, with randomly distributed authors, obstructions, and starting positions. You must choose each round whether to walk, bike, or taxi and to be the first to visit all six authors in their pubs. The authors and obstructions move around each round, you can block opponents in their travels, and you can overshoot your destination if traveling by bike (no bike lock) or taxi (no place to pull over). Movement is dice based.

Only one rule disturbs me: After you’ve visited an author, you can call him over to a pub of your choosing, apparently an unlimited number of times. Which means that you can prolong the game by taking the author away from the other players for an indefinite period. Beware.

Copies are only available in Soho.