Waimea Wipeout from sggc Waimea Original Works is a simple push-your-luck dice game with a surfing theme, several complicated result tables, and a superfluous board.

The score track counts tenths of points, but wraps around at 0.7 points, so the first row is up to 1.7, then to 2.4, and so on. You roll to catch a wave, roll for points on the wave, roll for starting to surf, roll for points on the start, roll to start a maneuver and to see which maneuver, roll for success on the maneuver, and repeat until you’re tired of doing maneuvers or you wipe out. I counted some 10 rolls a round, each requiring look up in one of two or maybe three result tables. Two rounds to a heat, ten heats to a game.

We’ve had surfing games going back to the early 1960s, including the evocatively named Surfie Joe and the Weirdo Board Riders.