New Orleans: Two 6-year olds and a 3-year old rob a neighbor’s house of money, cigarettes, fudge, olives, and the board game Candy Land. (source)

Corvallis, OR: Man arrested in terrorist bomb plot was a known Magic: the Gathering player. (source) And video gamer, of course.

Spartanburg, SC: Man using a gun robs four at a card game. (source)

Springfield, OH: Man pulls out and waves gun at a Dominoes game. (source)

Ithaca, NY: Man gets angry at a woman and chokes her. They reconcile over a board game and alcohol, but then he gets angry again and knocks her over with a TV tray, punches her, etc. (source)

Auburn, WA: Man shoots two people over a game of Dominoes. (source)

Stafford, VA: Man kills his cousin with a punch to the jaw after the cousin wouldn’t cover $40 at a card game. (source)