Seattle, WA: Wizards of the Coast employee accused of stealing $45,000 worth of rare Magic cards from his employer. (source) That’s like, what? Three Lotuses and a couple of Walks?

Anonymous, Online: One of the Operation Payback hackers describes the intention of the group as to be a force for “chaotic good”. (source) This sails by the Guardian, but someone at Time picks it up. (source)

Salt Lake City, UT: One man shoots and kills another at a card game. (source)

Leicestershire, UK: A card game leads a married woman to start an affair with a 14 year old boy. She is sentenced to three years in jail. (source)

Syracuse, NY: Man shoots and wounds four men at a card game. (source)

Shanghai, China: A fire broke out in a Mahjong parlor, killing nine people. Might have been arson. (source)

Fort Valley, GA: One man shot after a card game turns ugly. (source)

In contrast, the Sydney Morning Herald lists 4 cases of alleged death due to video game addiction that occurred over the last year. (source) Two of the cases appear to have little to do with games at all.