Bonhams had a successful auction for old games, mostly Chess sets, but also playing cards and other old games. (source) However, someone needs to play more math games: ““The Game of War”, an intricate 600 piece game dating from 1890 sold for £4,000, four times its pre-sale estimate of £1,500-£2000.”

Sundance is screening the film “Bobby Fischer Against The World”, and no, it’s not the sequel to Scott Pilgrim. (source)

Maybe Magnus Carlsen’s fashion foray inspired Gary Kasparov to break from his Russian political career to make a few commercials for the large bank ING. (source)

A science study on brain activity of expert vs amateur Shogi players has been widely sourced under headlines such as “Chess players use more of their brain”. (source)

The Corus Chess tournament is underway, only now it’s called the Tata Steel Chess tournament (Tata Steel bought the Corus Group). (source) Most of the world’s best are in attendance.

Turkey did a bad job of hosting the Women’s World Chess tournament recently, but they usually do better. (source, source))

The 7 guys issued summons for playing Chess at the Chess tables in NYC were dismissed with a warning, but two of them are not willing to go away quietly. (source)