Alfred Kahn, CEO of 4Kids Entertainment, announced his retirement. 4Kids took a colossal beating over the last few years, failing to get Chaotic up and running and getting de-listed from NYSE. They, or their properties, are still for sale. (source)

Bryan Stockton takes over as COO of Mattel. Bob Eckert is still CEO and plans to remain there. Mattel recently announced that it is licensing some of its brands to THQ for video games. (source)

Current COO James Lillie will take over as CEO for Jarden (parent of  various companies, including the US Playing Card Co) after CEO Martin Franklin announced his retirement. (source)

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is suing Topps for using his iconic likeness on a card. (source)

Rovi (formerly Macrovision and another company, parent of Sam Goody and other companies) is suing Amazon for patent infringement regarding Amazon’s IMDB electronic programming guide. (source)