Days of Wonder has expanded its online game presence by launching a beta version of their award winning WWII board game, Memoir ’44.

Currently the beta is open to the public and can be accessed on Days of Wonder’s website at the Memoir ’44 download page.

The online version of the game is nearly identical to the table top version with a few minor differences to deal with the computer managing the rules of the game.

Days of Wonder is experimenting with a new payment system that allows you buy credits to play a certain number of games. These are called Gold Ingots. Beta users receive enough credits to play a couple of dozen games online against live opponents or against the computer.

An average game takes about 12 to 15 turns to complete and lasts about 20 minutes.

The game is enjoyable and the community is small enough that you get to know your opponents over time. It literally is a virtual gaming group, that shows up to play at any hour of the day or night that you do. Days of Wonder feels that online gaming creates demand for their board games in addition to becoming its own revenue stream for the company.

Beautiful graphics create a nice game experience