The Team at Looney Labs ( knows a good thing when they see one. And the Fluxx game system keeps giving us one good thing after another. Pirate Fluxx is the latest version to be added to the Fluxx themed games.

Fluxx was created in 1997 and has grown over time to include:

  1. Fluxx Blanxx – Customize your own game
  2. Stoner Fluxx
  3. EcoFluxx
  4. Family Fluxx
  5. Jewish Fluxx
  6. Christian Fluxx
  7. Zombie Fluxx
  8. Monty Python Fluxx
  9. Martian Fluxx
  10. Pirate Fluxx

For fans of Fluxx, Pirate Fluxx will be exactly what they are looking for. Laughter, silliness, and some new surprises from Surprise Cards.

For those new to the world of Fluxx, this version of Fluxx is as good as any version to jump in and learn the craziness of Fluxx. And trust me, for first time players, any version of Fluxx is a crazy experience.

The concept of Fluxx is extremely simple. Draw a card, Play a card, meet the goal to win. Except after nearly every hand, the goal changes, the rule of how many cards to draw changes, the rule for how many cards to play changes, and a whole group of other changes occur. For newbies, this constant changing of rules and goals can be overwhelming at first. It takes a few plays of Fluxx before you start to get a handle on dealing with a constant shifting set of rules.

What is nice, if you know one Fluxx game you know them all. I learned on Martian Fluxx, a gift from Andrew Looney himself. We played at the Las Vegas Airport returning from the GAMA trade show.  Next was a game of Monty Python Fluxx played in Germany with Dutch and German speaking players. That was an interesting game listening to Monty Python songs sung by Germans.

Picking up Pirate Fluxx did not require reading the rules; just jumped right in where we left off with the last one.

Because all Fluxx games play the same, the cards are designed to allow you to mix and match the games. You can put your Monty Python with your Zombie with your Pirate and have a great game.

And what’s nice about this version, you get to work on your foreign language, Pirate talk. I can’t wait to play with my German friends and listen to them talk like a pirate.


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