Mont Alto, PA: One man shoots another at a card game. (source)

San Diego, CA: Woman pleads guilty to cheating 29 casinos out of $7 million through card games. (source) She had 40 accomplices. There were a few other cheating at casino stories, as well as some casinos fined for serving underage patrons.

Laurens, SC: One man beaten to death at a card game. (source)

Greenville, NC: Man stabbed at a card game. (source)

Nashville, TN: Man stabbed to death at card game. (source)

Fargo, ND: A man got upset that his girlfriend was playing cards with another guy, so he knocked them both unconscious. (source)

Kansas City, MO: One man pulls a gun at a Dominoes game (drinking involved), and another man beats him senseless with an ashtray. (source)