Game system with robotic game pieces – By Silverbrook Research Pty, a company that appears to have nothing to do with games. Chess with wireless robots directed to move by a central system.

Amusement game – A basic push-your-luck game. Stop early and get a small prize, or risk that to keep going with a chance to get a better prize.

Minimum-speed game timer – A Chess clock that enforces a number of moves per time period.

Hiker board game system – A roll and move hiking-themed game that appears to contribute nothing – not a new theme, nor any new mechanic – to the art. Comes in a special carrying case, however.

Logic and mathematical puzzle – A puzzle game that includes octagons and diagonals. Includes the method as to how to construct the puzzles and assign difficulty levels.

Horse racing board game – The game Fast Track Derby from the Wilds Artistics.