There is about a day and a half left to bid on items offered up by gamers for an auction in support of Tom and Laura Vasel following the loss of their two-month old baby Jack. Tom Vasel is well known in the gamer community for his hundreds of game reviews and for his podcast The Dice Tower. Tom is an American pastor and missionary who recently moved from South Korea to Florida.

The auction has, as of writing this post, raised upwards of $36,000 (it’s hard to get an exact count, since several of the items are not straight auctions). Additional money has been raised via direct donations or through other sites. Tom says that this money is already sufficient to cover the medical and funeral costs, with some money left over to help cover his daughter Clara’s medical costs (she suffers from absence seizures) as well as provide seed money for a fund to help others in similar circumstances.

What can you find in the auction? A 3D Settlers of Catan, a complete set of original magic promo cards (all the alpha cards, but with square edges and gold borders), an unopened Legends booster, original crafts and artwork, and many, many other items.