Get Nuts, designed by Tom Luyckx & David Ausloos, soon to be released by the Dutch publisher White Goblin Games, is a card game for 3-6 players.

The game comes with nut cards (rewards, with a variable amount of nuts on each card), action cards, and squirrel tokens. The nuts cards are placed in the center of the table, each player takes a squirrel, and each player holds a hand of 5 action cards. On your turn, you get 4 action points, may discard any or all cards remaining in your hand, and then draw back up to 5 cards to end your turn.

Each player has their own personal trail of four steps to get to the nut pile. Your job is to have your squirrel negotiate the steps. You can only negotiate a step if you have played a tree card on the step, and naturally you must move your squirrel from step to step, in order. You can play disaster cards that weaken or destroy other players’ trees. If a tree is cut out from under your squirrel, it falls back to the previous step that still has a tree and you must also spend an action to heal it.

Moving a step takes an action, playing cards take actions, and, when you’re on the last step, taking a nut card takes an action. You must also pay for a nut card by discarding enough trees in your trail to equal the nut card’s value, and your squirrel must start again at the beginning of the trail. Play until the nut cards run out.

Squirrels are cute, no doubt; we covered another squirrel card game recently. Get Nuts has a familiar take-that element to it, but looks like it includes some fresh tactical game play.