Toy Fair previews from Griddly Games included Wise Alec expansions, an update to the Wise Alec base game, and Mosaic 4.

Wise Alec is a combination trivia and activity game. The updated base game adds more trivia questions, as well as board spaces where a player’s opponent gets to choose the question card but the player earns double points for a correct answer. Wise Alec Travel Game & Expansion Sets include Nature Nuts, Sports Buffs, and Civilize This. They can work as either expansions to the original or as standalone games and include a die, a set of topic cards, and new Wise Alec cards customized to the theme of the set.

Mosaic 4 is an abstract strategy game where players simply try to get four pieces of their color in a row. The twist is that every other row and column can shift, making this a game that requires a bit of focus but one that still held my attention on the busy show floor.