Digital Adventures has just launched their first product for their iCharacter Sheet series which allows players to finally utilize their iPads for the gaming table.

Made to comply with the GSL, their first product is a character sheet for D&D 4th Edition which has multiple tabs for character stats, abilities, skills, powers, equipment, notes and campaign history.

The iCharacter Sheet – 4E also includes features such as

  1. Importing an image from your iPad’s photos.
  2. Pop-up powers and magic items entries
  3. Multi-line entry system that scrolls down
  4. Exporting your iCharacter Sheet into HTML format

The iCharacter Sheet can be purchased at the Apple App Store for $3.99 but users can also try a free demo version of the app without save and export functionality.

Digital Adventures also said that further upgrades for the app are already in the works to broaden functionality and add more tools for the D&D player.