Spin Master is launching a new collectible card game for children with some exciting features that we haven’t seen before in products of this type. Most significantly, the cards are not paper but plastic, and quite thick too. This not only makes them more durable, it also allows Spin Master to incorporate holograms on the cards. Some will feature three-dimensional artwork, others animated holograms.

Portions of Redakai cards will be transparent. During play, damage, enhancements, and other effect cards are stacked on their targets. The results are easily tracked through the clear sections—something that Spin Master hopes will make the game easier to play by kids.

As you might expect, coming from Spin Master, that’s not all. Redakai Starter Packs will come with an X-Reader, which is a combination card holder and and battlefield. The Redakai Championship Tin will include Character Bays for holding cards in-play, and a screen for holding cards in-hand. And then there are the Redakai Action Figures—standard and deluxe versions. Inserting the appropriate card in to an action figure activates light and animation effects.

Of course, there will also be an animated television show on Cartoon Network—Redakai: Conquer The Kairu.

While Redakai should be available in big-box chain stores, in packaging and marketing, Spin Master is making a special effort to appeal to hobby retailers. The company will be offering tournament kits including prize support. And as an alternative to the standard 11 card blister packs, there will 6 card foil packs, at $4.50 MSRP instead of $6, but with a rarer mix of cards.