Necromancer Games co-founder Clark Peterson is returning to publishing again, after an indefinite hiatus, and he has decided to make products for Pathfinder.

In a post at the Paizo boards, surrounding rumors that Necromancer Games would be entering into the Pathfinder fold, Peterson confirmed that he would be supporting Pathfinder but not under the banner of Necromancer Games, which he founded with partner Bill Webb who has moved on with Frog God Games.

Here’s the post in question:

Bill is doing great with Frog God. His stuff is awesome.

I’ve been thinking about doing my own thing, not bringing Necromancer back. So it wont be Frog God and Necro. It will be Frog God doing their thing and me doing my own thing (or, well, you’ll see).

Necro was Bill and my shared vision. It was great. It was also 3E. There are all sorts of reasons for Necro to stay as it is and for Bill and I to move on from it. Its clearer from a business and IP standpoint to do that. He’s done that. I’ve been waiting…

But the time is now.

I’m up to something. Not ready to say just what it is yet. But Paizo will be the first to know.

And it will be Pathfinder. Pathfinder is the game that has the soul of what D&D was coupled with proper changes for the modern game. That is what I want to support. Plus, I love all the people at Paizo and I love what they are all about. And the community here is just second to none.

You’ll be hearing from me…


Needless to say, fans of both Pathfinder and Necromancer Games are still hoping that they would see a Pathfinder ‘update’ of their favorite Necromancer Games modules.