Wizards of the Coast is opening an Encounter Design contest in search for the most original, creative and exciting encounters for their Dungeons & Dragons Championship at GenCon 2011, from March 15 to March 28.

The encounter should be designed for Level 10-12 characters and follows a specific theme that surrounds the fall of Neverwinter.

In 200 words (or less), it should include proposed monsters, traps, challenges and a description of the encounter map that can be built from one or two sets of Dungeon Tiles.

Entries are limited to one per person (Canada and United States residents only) and they should be submitted before or by 11.59PM (PST) on March 28 at the Wizards’ promotion page.

Up to 5 winners will be picked by the judges who will be judging the entries based on creativity, originality and adherence to the theme. Each winner will receive a copy of the upcoming The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond and Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow.

The winners list would be announced on April 11.

For the rules of the contest, go here and the specific theme can be read at the promotion page or the contest link above.