ICv2 has reported that there was a 10% growth in the sales of hobby games during the 4th quarter of 2010 with Magic: The Gathering becoming a main contributor.

According to the market report found in ICv2’s Internal Correspondence #74, sales were boosted by the holiday seasons, with the collectible games and boardgames registering growths in their respective areas. The report also mentioned Yu-Gi-Oh!, HeroClix, and the World of Warcraft TCG being strong contributors while Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Carcassonne retaining their positions.

See source for the complete list of top games in the RPGs category, collectible games category, non-collectible miniatures games category, and the board, card and family games category, based on ICv2’s interviews with retailers, distributors and manufacturers for the quarter.

Just the top games for Q4 were:

Roleplaying Game – Dungeons & Dragons – Wizards of the Coast

Collectible Game – Magic: The Gathering – Wizards of the Coast

Board, Card, Family Game – Settlers of Catan – Mayfair Games

Non-Collectible Miniature Line – Warhammer 40K – Games Workshop


As a comparison, you could cross-check ICv2’s results with the results in Black Diamond Games.