Board game – The game “Enlightenment” by Norman Vail. Chakras, deadly sins, and spiritual enlightenment, etc.

Funny, but to me the game looks a lot like Hustler’s adult 7 Deadly Sins game, whose object is not enlightenment.

Next we have seven design patents for card game tables from Marcus Katz:








Yes, 7 complete design patents, thousands of dollars each, for tables that, to the untrained eye, all look nearly identical with each other and with all card tables that already exist.

Surfing board game – A board game, by Carlos Echecopar, a surfboard designer who lives in Peru, where the board actually curls and you have to surf (with magnets) your meeples down the wave.

Interactive game and method of play – From Rehco (aka Rehkemper), a toy and game design studio. A card game with cards that have oval portrait spaces for you to put in pictures; several games include versions of Indian Poker and Charades. Several games on BGG are cited as precedents.

Low/max card game method and apparatus – A gambling card game from NJ company New Fun Enterprises (casino supplies). Player and the dealer each get an odd number of cards, split them into two “half hands” (discarding one), and bet if their “low” hand is lower than the dealer’s AND their “high” hand is higher than the dealers. And the apparatus? A half table (like the above ones) with markings on which to place your high and low hands.

Strategic pattern building board game – From a little company called Hasbro. For the game Connect 4 x 4.

In order to point out the inadequacy of previous games (in order to promote the need for this patent), Hasbro had to diss its own game of Connect Four: “Connect Four.TM. is limited because only two players can play, because the suspended matrix only allows a player to insert the colored discs into a single plane, and because only one type of disc is used. Consequently, the difficulty and the enjoyment of the game are limited.”

Gaming devices and methods of playing card games with indicator of cards played from previous hands – Electronic assistance for card counting in Blackjack … which makes no sense, since casinos typically try to prevent that.

Pool billiard game with course thereof determined by cards – A set of cards with pictures of billiard balls, to be used to create a multi-player billiard game (pick a card, shoot that ball). may include additional random event cards, such as miss a turn, etc.

Poker game – Though the patent uses the terms “attack” and “combative”, it’s not a war game version of poker, sorry. Based on Texas Hold’em, players are dealt additional cards, and cards they discard will neutralize or cancel out center cards (and possibly cards in other players’ hands), causing them to be discarded and replaced.

Playing method and gaming machine for a card game including a plurality of card games – A Baccarat game where bets are made on both values and colors. I think this is primarily a gaming machine patent, but not exclusively.

Special multiplier bonus game in Pai Gow Poker variant – As stated. From Shuffle Master.

In Pai Gow Poker, each player is dealt seven cards and makes two hands: one of five cards, and one of two cards.

Integrated game system, method, and deviceInventerprise is back, for some reason.

Wobbling game system – From David Gray of Texas. A pirate-themed game of balancing coins on a wobbling surface, as well as other games using the objects. It’s pretty long.