It’s sometimes hard to differentiate between what Asmodee publishes and what it distributes (not to mention which division/country). Asmodee is publishing/distributing a number of expansions, restocks, and new editions, such as for Dixit, Gosu, and 7 Wonders. Some of their other recent or scheduled games for 2011 include:

PIX: A party game where you have to form an image using the least number of “pixels”. From GameWorks.

Djam: Designed by William Attia, it seems to be a light dice-based word/party game, where you need to find words on a given topic given a topic and first letter.

Arlecchino: Designed by Bernard Tavitian, the designer of Blokus. You move or jump pieces trying to get chains of colors.

Bugs & Co: Co-designed by Bruno Faidutti and the Jungle Speed  duo Thomas and Pierrick, it’s another speed matching game, this time with little bugs on disks. From Libellud.

Secret of Monte Cristo: From Filosofia, somehow you have to move marbles around in the above track to collect treasures in four different types. Also from Eggertspiele and Z-Man Games.