I’ve been in contact since October with a sggc called Orion’s Bell. They have been working on a CCG based on The Wizard of Oz for over seven years now. They have a ton of great artwork for over 300 cards and a complete set of rules. I don’t know what the heck is taking them so long.

They told me that they ran into some financing issues; I suggested Kickstarter, and a while later (in December) they said they were “working on launching the kickstarter site”. They’ve been working on that for at least four months, now; I didn’t realize it takes that long to launch a Kickstarter project. Hey, OB: consider this post your kick in the butt. Here’s why:

While you were sleeping, Ystari Games announced that they will be coming out with a two-player Oz non-collectible card game. Not much is known about it, but it sure looks cute.