I know we’ve had a parlay about house rules already, but this time I’m most specifically interested in Monopoly. My wife and I were having a conversation about this the other day. A conversation which came up because of a $40 copy of Monopoly we saw in a store. One thing led to another, and I stated that I hated playing the game, because anyone I’ve ever played it with used house rules that made the game drag on forever.

Most people I’ve talked to believe they’re playing the game the proper way. It’s the way they were taught to play, and have always played that way. I’ll ask them if they’ve actually read the rules and they look at me funny. Why would they need to read the rules when they were already taught the rules?

Turns out the actual rules can be a real eye opener to some people.

So, do you play Monopoly with the proper rules, house rules, or are you not even sure?