(Photo credit to Black Diamond Games)

There’s been bits and pieces of information of the Pathfinder Intro Box circulating around the internet lately. While Pathfinder designer Jason Bulhman said that full details of the intro box will not be made known until Paizocon, retailers and distributors have been given a first glance of it at the GAMA Trade Show.

Here’s some of the bites of information that has been shared and learned by visitors at the tradeshow so far.

  • It’s a full 5-level Pathfinder box set that uses the same rules in a more user friendly format. It should have a DMs book, player’s book and adventure. No miniatures but standee figures ala Kill Doctor Lucky.
  • It’s $34.95.
  • Due for release in October 2011
  • No final class and race list yet
  • The box art is confirmed but the title and the box shown is still a mock-up, expect some of it to be changed in the future.

More information can be gleamed through this thread at Paizo, and Paizo staff have stressed that it should not be confused as a ‘Pathfinder Light’ version of the rules.