With the return of the Villains and Vigilantes RPG to store shelves, comes another licensed product for the superhero franchise.

Monkey House Games has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Superhuman Games to release a card game that is set in the V&V universe. The card game, created by Superhuman Games’ Ben Swainbank, will feature characters from the official V&V universe and will continue to evolve as Monkey House Games publishes more materials and characters in the RPG line.

“This card game will draw upon the Crusaders, the Crushers, Shatterman, Condor, the Indestructibles and all of the original characters from the Villains and Vigilantes Universe. Through our licensing agreement with Superhuman Games, new characters in the V&V Universe will also be available as Monkey House Games continues to publish new V&V™ material. So as the role-playing game setting continues to evolve and grow so will the card game,” said Monkey House Games co-founder Jack Herman.

Due to be released in Summer 2011, the card game will be the second licensed product since the relaunch of Villains and Vigilantes, after Zenith Comics released Supervillains Volume 1 in February.