Earlier this month,Time Magazine posted their list of the 100 greatest toys from the last 87.5 years (yeah, me neither).

Leaving aside the usual bickering over this or that toy that should have made it to the list (we have Mattel Electronic Football but not the PSP or Atari?), as well as the rather odd items on the list (Little Golden Books???), I still have two major issues with the list:

First, the list is entirely US-centric, and is actually better titled “100 fairly well-known or influential proprietary toys on the US market from the last 87.5 years”.

Second, games are very poorly represented on the list, both analog or video games. I could understand this if they excluded games altogether; then the title of the list could also have been understood to include the phrase “free-form single-player non-competitive” in it. But we have Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Simon, and Mindflex, as well as the aforementioned Electronic Football. And that’s it for games.

Not Monopoly? Uno? Dungeons and Dragons? Pokemon?