The Chicago Tribune promotes Sorry Spin, UNO Moo, Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It, Nab It, Wits & Wagers Family, and Monopoly Revolution. (source)

Washington State’s The Columbian promoted the upcoming GameStorm, with a picture of Redneck Life and Blokus. (source)

digihub asks if the iPad will kill board games, but writes that he likes to turn off and play sometimes. (source)

The Wall Street Journal Marketwatch joins the chorus of skeptics regarding the upcoming Monopoly tower. (source)

Boing Boing promotes Settlers of Catan, again. (source)

The Washington Daily Herald promotes Daddy-O Productions. (source)

The Chronicle of Higher Education promotes a professor who uses board games to teach strategic intelligence. (source is behind a pay-wall) (Update: more info here)

WCPO promotes Chess in schools: