Wizards of the Coast has rolled out the new Monster Builder, an additional tool to their web-based Adventure Tools set.

The new Monster Builder will allow users to customize the powers and levels of some 3,700 monsters from the 4th edition installments of Monster Manuals and other sourcebooks such as the Dark Sun Creature Catalog and the Monster Vault boxed set, after which it can be saved at the tool’s servers.

Users would also be able to import previous creations from the classical Monster Builder, which remains downloadable for a limited time but will not receive any further updates.

Although the new Monster Builder boast a functionality to create new monsters, the feature seems to have been left out at the moment and Wizards’ Community Manager Trevor Kidd said that they would continue to work on it but wanted users to be able to import their old creation’s for the upcoming Virtual Table.

In a note he said, “With the web-based MB, we have something that gives very basic functionality and is usable with the VT that we wanted to get into everybody hands, not just the small group of testers that we had before.”.

The Monster Builder can be found here and requires a D&D Insider subscription to access.