A man in NJ tried to break the world record of 105 simultaneous games of Chess. (source) 105? you ask. What about the recent records by an Iranian (Ehsan Ghaem Maghami) and an Israeli (Alik Gershon) with opponents numbering over 500 in simultaneous games?

Turns out that, due to the political nature of the feuding between the above two guys, and the fact that many of their opponents were essentially untutored in Chess or even children, that that old record was retired in favor of a new one that clearly indicates that all opponents must be rated at least 1,200 by the USCF. (source)

The man in NJ didn’t succeed in getting a record: the new record, with 135 simultaneous games against decent opponents, is already held by Ehsan Ghaem Maghami. (source)

Chess will become a mandatory school subject in Armenia. (source)

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