Promoting Chess

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Plastic Animal Chess

Mark Changizi taught his 8-year old daughter how to play Chess. Apparently his daughter learned not just the game but the game system, because quickly afterwards she presented him with four handwritten pages for the game Plastic Animal Chess.

The game rules include a new sized board and a complete lineup up Chess piece variants, including pieces that protect other pieces by proximity, pieces that leap across the board, and so on. Here are the rules.

Democratic Chess

Democratic Chess, from Florian Hauswirth of the Postfossil Collective, is a set where the pieces come apart and make new ones, with the collected (or partially collected) abilities of each of its parts. (source)


Apple Chess Set (source)

(set by Josh Draper and Pelle Bross, photo by Josh Draper. Used with permission.)

Chinese Chess pieces made from Pu’er tea

Chess Piece Cookie Cutters. The bishop’s shape can easily be confused for, uh, something else; these cutters may be a little safer. You can play it entirely safe by just buying Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies.