Guess how much Hasbro CEO made last year? $23 million, triple what he made in 2009. (source) Hasbro revenue dropped %1.6 in 2010.

Guess ho much Mattel CEO made last year? $11 million. (source) Mattel revenue rose 8%.

4Kids bit the bullet and simply filed for bankruptcy, chapter 11. This puts the Yu-gi-oh lawsuit on hold, temporarily. 4Kids has taken numerous beatings over the last few years, being put up for sale, getting de-listed from NYSE, losing its CEO, shutting down Chaotic, and so on. (source)

Toys R Us has hired Neil Friedman, former president of Mattel brands and Fisher Price brands, to be its executive vice president with a base salary of $1 million and much more in perks. (source)

Two things confuse me here: 1) Toys R Us was just fined for applying pressure on, or favoring, certain manufacturers, and I can’t help but think this appointment represents a certain conflict of interest; and 2) the package includes a great deal of compensation to be paid to Mr Friedman even if he is terminated FOR CAUSE, including “willful failure to perform a material portion of his duties, conviction of felony involving moral turpitude, violation of his fiduciary duties to the Company and such other actions as described in the Agreement.” I want to know how I can get severance perks in my own contract even if I purposely tank the company, sell company trade secrets, and end up in federal prison?