NECA has bought Icarus Studios, which is designing an online version of HeroClix. (source)

The long-running Scrabble News abandoned its print and paper offering and is now online-only. (source)

Game Briefs

Commander-in-Chief from X Plus Products is a Chess variant. $40.

Coffee Talk from Pressman Toys is a game of generating associated ideas based on a single idea. Scoring like Boggle. $18.

Gumption by sggc Gumption Games is apparently a NZ-themed Monopoly-clone, with a few extra business mechanics. $50 (NZD, around $40 USD). (source)

The Slippery Slope from Sonset Point Ministries is a game about dealing with grief following divorce. The game comes in three versions, for adults, teens, and kids. $40 each, all three for $100. (source)

Cherokee from White Goblin Games is a card game where you have to move your Native Americans up the pyramid. I find the artwork to be a little over the top in its depiction of Native American stereotypes. Not yet published.

KLOO from sggc Finan Enterprises is a language learning card game where you play parts of sentences in French (or Spanish) to form a sentence. You can ask for a low-priced trial version.