Monkey House Games will be releasing Living Legends, a roleplaying set in the Villains and Vigilantes by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman, and a module titled In Broad Daylight that will be compatible with both systems, according to ICv2.

Living Legends will be a 160 page stand-alone core rulebook, designed by Jeff Dee, with a retail price of $32.99.

On the other hand, In Broad Daylight would be a 88 page module solving a mysterious disappearance and will feature the stats and backgrounds of ‘The Indestructible’ team that has been the mainstay of book covers in older V&V books.

In Broad Daylight will hit shelves in August with a retail price of $19.99.

Both books are currently available as PDFs at the Monkey House Games page in RPGNow.

For full information about the contents of Living Legends and In Broad Daylight, read it at the full report in ICv2.