Louis Porter Jr. from LPJ Design has apologized for his April Fool’s joke which had seemed to be taken less humorously than intended by the customers of Sinister Adventures who had pre-ordered a product that has not seen the light of day for 3 years.

It started when LPJ Design posted up an announcement on their website on Wednesday (March 30), stating that LPJ Design would be unveiling ‘a very unique razor sharp exciting project they have been working on dealing with the best freelancers in the RPG industry from coast to coast’ on Friday (April 1).

Hinting that the project had the initials RC and had ‘sinister overtone in the game world with the adventures that will be legendary on the annuals of RPGs’, customers of Sinister Adventures who had pre-ordered Razor Coast, a 3.5 D&D and Pathfinder adventure, were hopeful that their long wait would finally come to an end.

When the unveiling on the LPJ Design blog turned out to be an April Fool’s joke, the reaction turned out to be far less humorous, despite the early signs that it was intended to be a hoax.

Sinister Adventures was formed by freelance adventure writer Nick Logue, who was known for his writings that were published in Dungeon magazine, an Eberron module (Voyage of the Golden Dragon) and a couple of Paizo’s Gamemastery modules, on (coincidentally) April 1 2008, when the Razor Coast module was announced and pre-orders were taken.

Since then, Sinister Adventures has fallen with its website shutdown and Logue himself going almost silent on the progress of the project. According to a volunteer in the project in March 2011 , the manuscript was completed but was in the layout stage before it would be sent to the printers. The unforthcoming project was gaining  reputable ire, and even Adamant Entertainment had offered to take up the project for release.

Logue, in a post on the Paizo boards, had said that he would refund the money of customers who had pre-ordered the module and several took up the offer but no word has been heard ever since.

The whole Razor Coast fiasco had been a powder keg and it was unfortunate that it had blew up in the face of LPJ Design for the sake of a joke.