Signal Fire Studios would be relaunching a new product line for Metamorphosis Alpha, with its creator James M. Ward.

The new product line would be using the D&D 4E rules under the GSL, as players can choose to play as primitive mutant humans, animal or plant fighting to survive in the vast generational Starship Warden and unlock the ship’s secrets.

Metamorphosis Alpha is believed to be the first science fiction roleplaying game when it was created by James M. Ward and published in 1976.

Thirty five years later, Signal Fire Studios is proud to produce the new product line which will include a Player’s Guide and a sourcebook on Starship Warden as the campaign setting.

The sourcebook will also be giving suggestions on ways to use mix science fiction and fantasy with the new rules.

Signal Fire Studios would also be running demonstrations of the new game with an adventure module titled ‘The Petting Zoo of Death’ written by Jamie Chambers in conventions.

Keep checking back at the Signal Fire Studios website for updates on release schedules and previews.

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