I finally got a chance to get Braggart to the table the other night, playing it 2 player with my wife.

The first thing I’ve got to say about the game is that it’s incredible simple to play. Every turn cards are flipped up from the deck equaling the number of players. Starting with the person who has the “My Round” card, players pick which card they’d like to put into their hands. After that players take turns either drawing 3 cards, of playing a boast. Playing a boast is as simple as laying down a Deed card and a Foe card, optionally playing a Scene and Result card. After all the players make their boasts, card numbers are totaled and the player with the highest boast puts their cards into a pile to be scored at the end. All the other players may choose one of the cards they played to keep, and discard the others.

It’s pretty straight forward.

There’s a little wrench thrown in of Liar and Outrageous Liar cards, and Ploy cards. Ploys can be played before you boast, and allow to you steal cards, draw more cards, etc… Both types of Liar cards are played during another player’s boast, and allow you to replace 1 or 2 of their played cards with cards from your hand. You then get to keep the cards you switched out.

The cards in the game are humorous, and even with just 2 players we were coming up with some pretty crazy combinations. I believe one of my lowest scoring Boasts was “I wet myself in front of…” “…an angry chicken.”

It took us around an hour to play, but the deck is pretty big for just two players. We got a good chuckle out of the game. It’s pretty mindless, but I’m sure it’d be much better with a full compliment of 6 players.

Is the game deep? No. Is there a lot of strategy? No. This is strictly a filler game, meant for a lot of players who like a good laugh. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s definitely worth the money.

You can find Braggart on the Spiral Galaxy Games website for £8.33.

Spiral Galaxy Games provided a free copy of Braggart to Purple Pawn for review.