Sine Nomine Publishing will be bringing Mongoose Publishing’s Stars Without Number sci-fi RPG to GenCon and store shelves this coming September.

This will be followed by the game’s first supplement, Skyward Steel, in October.

Stars Without Number is a science fiction RPG inspired by old-school gaming aesthetics. Quick and familiar game mechanics are supported by extensive tools, tables, and tips for creating unexplored stellar sectors, enigmatic aliens, ferocious xenomorphs, and scheming interstellar factions.

Game masters can take advantage of one hundred sci-fi adventure seeds designed to interlock with a world generation system involving five dozen descriptive “world tags”, each fleshed out with examples of friends, enemies, places, things, and complications appropriate to the tag.

Resource tables for random generation of names, NPCs, religions, political parties, architectural styles, and room furnishings excel in generating the kind of fast, smooth content that sandbox gaming demands.

The game will be sold at $24.99 for a hardcovers and $19.99 for softcovers

The game is also available in PDF at DriveThruRPG.

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