The Mutant Epoch Roleplaying Game, by William McAusland, is about humankind’s attempt to reclaim some semblance of civilization in a post apocalyptic setting.

Players take on the roles of pure stocks, mutants, cyborgs, beastial humans or synthetic humans to form excavation parties as they venture into ruined cities, junk strewn wastelands, twisted forests and polluted seas to uncover lost knowledge and power.

The Mutant Epoch, published by Outland Arts, uses the Outland System game mechanic and employs all the polyhedron dice.

The 246 pages soft-cover core rulebook includes the character types, castes, skills, mutations, cybernetic implants, creatures, robot and androids, complete encounter tables, hazards, traps and insanity, rules for called shots, parrying and chases, relic vehicles, weapons, armor and miscellaneous relics, common PA vehicles and scrap built vehicles, character sheet, GM party record sheets, grid and hex paper and much more.

A preview of the book can be viewed here.

The Mutant Epoch RPG would be supported by future supplement books, magazine issues, fiction and art. Owners of the The Mutant Epoch Hub Rules book would also be given membership in the Society of Excavators.

Hardcopies of The Mutant Epoch RPG is available at selected retailers and print on demand for $27.99. PDF copies can be purchased at RPGNow for $12.99.

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