Vigilance Press is attempting to create a combat-free medical RPG in the spirit of TV shows like House MD, ER, MASH and Scrubs, titled Medical Mystery.

Chuck Rice, who said that this would be Vigilance Press first RPG designed from the ground up, revealed that in Medical Mystery, players will play as doctors of a medical team that would have to solve cases through three stages; Diagnoses, Treatment and Recovery.

As the doctors are attempting to resolve the case, they would be influenced by the complications of their personal lives which may improve or impede their chances to help their patients through the stages and failures in each stage could result in severe consequences to the patient and doctor.

The game is still very early in the design stage and Rice would continue to talk about it as design goes along.

“This is a very different sort of game than my usual, but I think this is a great genre that hasn’t yet been successfully tackled in RPG form, and I think I’m up to the challenge,” Rice said in a post at ENWorld.

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