CBS News on GenCon and modern board games:

This is a recent segment, though GenCon was some time ago.

MTV Geek on board games again: Diamond Comics Distributors says that comics and toys were down, but games were up a staggering 40%. (source)

The Utica Observer-Dispatch promotes the game store Storytellers. (source)

The Montreal Gazette promotes the game store Le Valet d’Coeur. (source)

The San Antonio Express News promotes games played at Chimaeracon, including Axis & Allies 1942, The Settlers of Catan, Battletech, Circus Maximus, Magic the Gathering, Shadowfist, Dungeons and Dragons, and Are You a Werewolf?. (source)

Deseret News promotes Mike Compoton’s Heavens of Olympus. (source)

Bringham Young University notes that Mormon themed games like Ldsopoly and Mormon trivia games don’t sell better than non-Mormon games. (source)