ABC News promotes Zip-It in a segment about toys for Easter. (source)

Serious Eats creates a Settlers of Catan board out of peeps. (source) They mention Carcassonne and Pandemic in passing.

Winona 360 promotes a card game club that plays 500. (source)

The Green Bay Press Gazette disses board games, even Settlers, as a panacea for all families. (source)

A TED talk on John Hunter’s World Peace Game. (source)

The Rutherglen Reformer examines poker’s influence. (source)

Known board game geek Rich Sommer tells the New York Post that his favorite board game is Die Macher. (source)

The Niagara Gazette covers Alan Moon and the Gathering of Friends. (source)

The American Chronicle promotes some old school board games and a game event in Portland, ME. (source)

The RIA Novosti talks about a surge in board game cafes and boardgaming in Russia. (source)

The Sun Chronicle talks about using board games to learn Shakespeare. (source)

Oregon Live promotes Nilda Loriz and her game Bull’s-eye. (source)