And they still keep coming …

Project Description Required Raised Ends
Hunt the Wumpus

The Phoenix Studio

Not related to the computer game, this is a Munchkin-like card game with DTD elements $8,000 $85 26 days

Inperfekt Industrees

Super hero RPG $3,000 $0 26 days

Michael Camarata

Dominoes-like card game, with an invisible Christian theme $1,860 $0 44 days
The Rage Series

Nerd Rage Games

Three RPG core books for multi-genre settings $5,500 $0 27 days

Bendercup LLC

Competitive flying disk based game; intriguing $22,500 $3,130 16 days
Force of Fiction


Strategic fantasy storytelling board game $12,000 $710 54 days
Raiding Parties

Nick Pace

Pirate themed CCG $15,000 $645 85 days