I don’t know that this will be a weekly post; maybe as long as there are five or more new projects. We’ll see how it develops.

Some major players again this week. I’m wondering if Hasbro, etc will ever take a yen to Kickstarter.

Project Description Required Raised Ends
The Road to Canterbury

FRED Distribution

A Euro-style game about a corrupt pardoner selling indulgences, from Alf Seegert. $10,000 $3,430 57 days
Part-Time Gods

Third Eye Games

An RPG about typical humans with god-like powers. $2,500 $1,465 57 days

EN Publishing

An RPG adventure series for D&D and Pathfinder. $10,000 $1,535 43 days
The Giant Ball Game

Charley Miller

A competitive sports game: rotate a giant ball in a box, add stickers to make a path; intended as a museum plaything. $1,500 $372 24 days

Ron Atkins

A dice-based board game of buying and selling illegal drugs (you play a pusher). $1,125 $25 85 days
Roller Derby TCG

Chaz Hall

As named; we previously mentioned his Roller Derby board game. Oddly, an investment doesn’t appear to secure you a copy of the game. $4,000 $320 52 days