Crime Pays: A Godfather’s Grimoire includes everything a player or DM needs to bring the grim and gritty underworld into stark focus in a fantasy world. Forget thieves’ guilds – this is the mafia in a world of dragons and magic! Form your own band of rogues, make a bid for master of thieves, and win a king’s ransom in jewels…
…but above all, don’t get caught.

Crime Pays: A Godfather’s Grimoire is a 96 page supplement by Goodman Games, compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition rules to run and play a mafia-based campaign.

Written by Harley Stroh, the book offers players rules and mechanics to build up their own racket, from taking over neighborhoods to hiring the foot-soldiers for their criminal empire. It introduces a new stat block system to track necessary stats such as respect, infamy, defense, upkeep and territory and The Mob Turn (read a preview at the link provided) where players must decide on how to interact with the law and the underworld to expand or protect their mob.

For DMs, the book has ideas for plot hooks in the underworld and challenges by the law, together with a range of NPCs to get you started on your underworld campaign.

Crime Pays: A Godfather’s Grimoire is now available at the Goodman Games Online Store for $21.99 or $9.99 as a PDF at RPGNow.

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