Green Ronin’s highly anticipated second set of the Dragon Age RPG is now available for pre-order but the PDF is already up for sale at Green Ronin’s online store.

The set would follow on where the first set left off and will take players to play from level 6 to 10. The boxed set comes with an 80 page Player’s Guide and an 80 page Game Master’s Guide, multiple copies of heavy reference cards and a poster map of Thedas, depicting the cities of Orlais and Rivavin, among other landmarks in the console game.

Among the new rules and mechanics that will be in the second set is the rules to play as the Grey Wardens to fight against the Blight, the introduction of roleplaying and exploration stunts and the specializations to play as arcane warriors, berserkers and assassins.

The set will also come with new expansion on the details and backgrounds of characters and the setting, with 40 news spells.

Dragon Age Set 2 is written by Steven Kenson, T.S. Luikart, Chris Pramas, and Jeff Tidball, with the cover art by Keiran Yanner and the cartography by Jared Blando and Tyler Lee.

The physical boxed set is sold for $39.95 here and you will receive a discount to purchase the PDF for $5 during checkout.

Alternatively, you could just purchase the PDF for $20.00 here.

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