Round 2, the first supplement for the only role-playing game designed to emulate the characters and fighting styles of fighting video games!

This book adds more of everything to vastly expand the possibilities for your characters and campaigns. Everything contained herein has been designed to bring both the newest fighting games as well as some of the most obscure fighting games of the past 20 years to tabletop role-playing. Numerous options explore the robustness of Fight!’s core mechanics to create the story and rules that best suit your game.

Divine Madness Press has released Round 2 which is, overall, a massive expansion of options for Fight!.

Aside from more than dozens of options of every aspect to modify characters and their abilities, it also adds new types such as basic Command moves, Buff Special Moves and over two dozens of Super Moves.

The 128 page supplement also introduces rules for weapons, team combat and environment hazards. It even contains advice on how to use the Fight! rules outside the video game fighting genre for traditional fantasy, mecha and super games.

Round 2, is written and designed by Fight! creator Christopher Peter, with cover art by Danrey Borja and interior illustrations by Melissa Wang, Bob Noberini, Imperia Studios, and Catalina Silva.

The Round 2 PDF can be purchased for $7.50 at DriveThru RPG

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