Hey, That’s My Fish! is a game about penguins collecting fish, formerly published in the United States by Mayfair Games. I find it a great game to play with kids and adults. While simple-to-learn, there is some engaging strategic depth when you realize winning is less about running for the big fish piles, as it is about controlling an area of the board by blocking your opponents. Unfortunately, retail sales of the latest printing suffered from pricing relatively high for this size and type of game.

The game may get a new lease on life, however. It’s been picked up by Fantasy Flight Games and will be available later in 2011 for $20. The art and penguin pieces will look different, but otherwise the game will be the same as it was.

Along with the tabletop version and available immediately, Fantasy Flight is also producing a Hey, That’s My Fish! game for electronic devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android. I’ve already played it at least a dozen times on my Droid phone. It’s not too difficult to beat the AI, but it looks good, works well, and is a lot more fun than slinging birds at pigs, if you ask me.