The Nation (Thailand) promotes unplugging and board games, including Kids of Carcassonne, Railways of the World, and Dixit. (source)

The Hindu (India) promotes some local Indian board game companies. (source)

Spin Master promotes Canadian business with an innovation fund. (source)

Boston University’s paper promotes Jeremy Bushnell’s classes, which are gamified. (source) Jeremy is co-founder of Dystopian Holdings, designer of Inevitable, and co-editor of Invisible City Productions.

Rhode Island gives Hasbro a tax break to expand its business in the state. (source)

The Kennet Paper promotes Steve Maling and his game Deception Dice. (source)

Ars Technica promotes Dungeons and Dragons Encounters. (source)

The Syracuse Post-Standard promoted Scott Nicholson and his many incarnations as board game librarian wizard. (source)

Reuters remembers a 1970s board game about the gas crisis and compares it to today’s events. (source) Is this a pattern?

PRI’s The World promotes Chessboxing. (source)