iTWire: “A survey commissioned by Microsoft has revealed Australian families are changing the way they spend time together by swapping the age old board game for interactive gaming devices”. (source) I’d like to see that survey, because the actual quotes from the survey only indicate that 92% of families own gaming consoles, “engage in entertainment activities” twice a week, and play video games together once a week. There is no direct quote from the survey about decreasing board game activity.

Apparently Philippine national hero José Rizal invented a fortune-telling board game called “La Sibila Cumana”. (source)

The Toronto Star promotes Mary Jane and Carol McPhee and their game LifeTimes: The Game of Remembrance. The game is simply asking people to describe memories of important events and objects in their life. (source)

The Chronicle of Higher Education profiles Alf Seegert and his game The Canterbury Tales. (source)