This week we also added all of the previous entries, as well as their previous contribution levels. These figures may be helpful for those projects that we mentioned last week; each week they indicate how much was raised in the previous week. For older projects, the numbers don’t mean very much this week, since they might represent a month or more worth of contributions.

Projects that were funded, or failed to fund, were removed from the list. Yeah, we should probably start adding those, too. I wish Kickstarter would give us a decent API or widget to do this automatically, but they’re dragging their feet.

In other news, GameSalute has started a Kickstarter-like initiative for board games only called Springboard. If it grows, we’ll start adding their projects to these lists.

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Project Description Required Raised Ends
Venture Forth 

Minion Games

A Euro-style adventure game. $10,000 $0 30 days

Buck Howdy

A bag of rocks. For stacking. $2,407 $768 25 days
Two Bites 

Shane and Dani McGlaun

Gamified parenting at the dinner table: hand our cards for eating the food groups to earn your dessert card. $11,500 $85 26 days


Beer pong into a volcano-themed cup. $15,000 $2,525 65 days

Dale Davidson

52 social activities to perform while on long hikes. $5,000 $52 44 days


Project Description Required Raised (previous) Ends
Hunt the Wumpus 

The Phoenix Studio

Not related to the computer game, this is a Munchkin-like card game with DTD elements $8,000 $205 (85) 19 days

Imperfekt Industrees

Super hero RPG $3,000 $318 (0) 19 days

Michael Camarata

Dominoes-like card game, with an invisible Christian theme $1,860 $20 (0) 36 days
The Rage Series 

Nerd Rage Games

Three RPG core books for multi-genre settings $5,500 $230 (0) 19 days

Bendercup LLC

Competitive flying disk based game; intriguing $22,500 $3,130 (3,130) 9 days
Force of Fiction 


Strategic fantasy storytelling board game $12,000 $1,365 (710) 47 days
Raiding Parties 

Nick Pace

Pirate themed CCG $15,000 $1,145 (645) 78 days
The Road to Canterbury 

FRED Distribution

A Euro-style game about a corrupt pardoner selling indulgences, from Alf Seegert. $10,000 $7,627 (3,430) 43 days
Part-Time Gods 

Third Eye Games

An RPG about typical humans with god-like powers. $2,500 $3,961 (1,465) 43 days

EN Publishing

An RPG adventure series for D&D and Pathfinder. $10,000 $2,160 (1,535) 29 days
The Giant Ball Game 

Charley Miller

A competitive sports game: rotate a giant ball in a box, add stickers to make a path; intended as a museum plaything. $1,500 $779 (372) 10 days

Ron Atkins

A dice-based board game of buying and selling illegal drugs (you play a pusher). $1,125 $25 (25) 71 days
Startup Fever
Meetpoint LLC
A Euro-style game about starting an Internet company and protecting/stealing each others’ employees. Featured on TechCrunch. $10,111 $14,503 (10,314) 43 days
Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
Daniel Solis
A coming of age story-telling game. $4,000 $16,989 (10,559) 23 days
Machine Age Productions
An RPG about once-in-a-lifetime dramatic moments. $2,500 $4,245 (922) 9 days
FRED Distribution
A pattern-guessing word game, reprint of a 1973 title. $5,000 $5,562 (2,065) 6 days
Star Wars Miniatures GPA Mystery Map
Adventurer’s Atlas
A map for Star Wars miniatures: Outlaw City and the Sinkhole World. $1,300 $1,012 (640) 45 days
The Squire
Stone Tower Miniatures
First release, a 54 mm miniature. $1,100 $145 (145) 3 days
Museum Jackpot
Robert Huston
A board game, looking a lot like Masterpiece, about buying and selling museum pieces. $3,500 $45 (0) 37 days
Laffano Games
A roll-and-move board game, looking a lot like Sorry, about a road trip. $12,000 $25 (0) 33 days
Task Force: Broadside 

Matchfire Games

Card war game $8,000 $642 (402) 21 days
The Oracle of Fantasy and Myth 

Rob Carlos

Tarot deck $11,000 $2,145 (1,510) 8 days
Eldritch Skies 

Battletech Press

Lovecraftian RPG $5,000 $5,169 (3,155) 10 days
DungeonMorph Dice 

Inkwell Ideas

Dice with dungeon maps and doors $6,500 $12,204 (6,005) 21 days
Soul Rend
Troll Baked Goods
Campaign settings $1,000 $70 (0) 35 days
Resistance: Road to Liberation
Charles Wheaton
WWII RPG $4,000 $865 (150) 35 days