Throw out your Disney Cars games, because now you can pick up Disney Cars 2 games. Unlike most licensed games, someone put a little thought into them … well, some of them.

Cars 2 Monopoly: The dice are replaced with a Lightning McQueen roulette wheel. Instead of houses and hotels you add tires and engines to get your car working. The board and property values are simplified and the play time shortened to under 30 minutes.

Cars 2 Sorry Sliders: If Sorry Sliders is a poor man’s Crokinole, this is a poor man’s PitchCar. The same basic idea of configurable tracks and flicking cars. I don’t know why they stuck with pawn-shaped pawns instead of car-shaped.

Cars 2 Memory: Your basic memory game, comes with two cars and a race track (for keeping score?).

Cars 2 Operation: Ok, this one doesn’t make a whole lot of thematic sense; how exact do you have to be as a car mechanic?

Cars 2 Trouble: I’m not sure that I want to buy a game called Car Trouble.

Cars 2 Pictureka

Cars 2 Game Tub

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